2021 Night Golf Socials

2021 Schedule of Events:

New dates coming soon!

6:00 PM Event and Tee Times Begin


-Fling and Traditional Golf Groups
-Social play
-Nine Holes with event lighting on course
-Everyone must wear a face mask while approaching the club house/pro shop
-COVID compliant outing
-Fling stick rentals available


Team Registration:

Fling Golf Stick Rentals

Team of (4) includes two golf carts, eight (8) glow golf balls per team, four (4) Fling Sticks rentals and participation in long drive and closest-to-pin contest.


What exactly is "Fling Golf"?

FlingGolf is a sport that is easy to start and fun to master. You play on any golf course, but instead of hitting a golf ball with a club, you use a single New Swarm FlingStick® thrower to hurl the ball and shape every shot from tee to hole. You can even play in the same foursome as traditional golfers. Just no argyle sweaters. You’re better than that.

2021 Night Fling Golf Social Registration Form

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