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Sophia's Foundation Symphony for Autism

The New Mexico Philharmonic and the Albuquerque Public Schools in collaboration with Sophia’s Foundation, hosts the Symphony for Autism annually.

In May, 2019, the sixth annual Symphony for Autism was held at UNM’s Popejoy Hall. The New Mexico Philharmonic Symphony performed a special production of Star Wars for the students with autism attending Albuquerque Public Schools.

This special performance by the Philharmonic expanded upon their production of Star Wars. This was a private concert for the children and parents who are managing life with autism.

Many parents of children with autism avoid taking their families into quiet venues like movie theaters, restaurants, grocery stores, and live performances. Children with autism do not understand the social rules of quiet or semi-quiet environments. By providing a safe atmosphere coupled with a live symphony and ballet troupe, these children and parents were able to have a unique experience. By exposing these children to music and dance their lives were enriched and transformed. Music is a catalyst for greater learning potential, self-discipline, and moreover, self-expression.

There are more than 1,000 children in the Albuquerque Public School system with a diagnosis of autism. More than 500 students attended this fifth annual performance. This event was the first of its kind back in 2014 and is becoming a very exciting event because it is exposing these children to classical music. We are thankful for the sponsors that made this possible: Real Time Solutions, APS Education Foundation, Mr. Marian Tanau, and Sophia’s Foundation.

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