To Sophia’s Foundation Donors, Friends, Teachers, Volunteers, and Board of Directors:

It is with a heavy heart that I write this message to all of you wonderful people who have supported Sophia’s Foundation for Autism over the last 12 years. Sophia’s Board of Directors has decided to close down the charity at this time. There are many reasons that lead to this unfortunate outcome especially over the last 3 years.

However, we hold our heads high on the many accomplishments through the years that have helped so many families afflicted with Autism. I started this Charity 12 years ago with no money or experience to start a non-profit organization. And through help from good friends that believed in my vision to help the Autistic community we managed to get this Foundation off the ground. Since that time we built an incredible teachers committee (my true Heroes) and an excellent Board of Directors that helped the Foundation grow by leaps and bounds.

I’m grateful for all the incredible people I met along this journey.

I am very happy we recognized Special Education teachers and Education Assistants that dedicate their careers to helping children on the Autism spectrum. These teachers and assistants have the hardest job in the public school system and I hope one day they will all be recognized and compensated accordingly in New Mexico. They deserve higher pay than standard education because of the education, love, and patience they must have to do their jobs every day. There is no comparison to what these magnificent teachers do for these children 9 months every year. They are truly Angels on this earth and I’ve been blessed to meet so many of them.

It has also been a blessing to meet so many parents and children in the Autism community. We offered several different and amazing quality of life experiences, much needed technology in the classroom, and supported special education teachers and assistants any way possible. We collaborated with the NM Philharmonic to produce the World’s 1st Sophia’s Symphony for Autism.

To see my dream of Sophia’s Symphony for Autism become a reality was a true highlight for me personally. And with help from many decision makers we eventually hit my goal of having 1,000 children and parents attend Sophia’s Symphony during a single performance. What a truly magnificent experience. It’s hard to explain in words but I saw hundreds of children without Autism for those few precious hours each year. Kids just being kids and enjoying this amazing experience with their parents. Beautiful. I hope this event will continue in the years ahead and I have confirmed that the NM Philharmonic will have the Symphony for Autism in 2023 thanks to my good friends on the NM Philharmonic Foundation Board and Marian Tanau.

A very special thanks goes out to the children with Autism that had the courage to stand in front of hundreds of potential donors at all of our events over the years and give the most heartfelt speeches of thanks that most of us have never seen. Looking into our donor audience and seeing tears in so many eyes was an incredible experience that I will truly miss. Without these brave speeches our charitable contributions would have been 50% less. And thank you to the parents of these brave children for giving them the encouragement and support they needed to accomplish this most difficult request.

And all of this would have never happened without inspiration from my beautiful daughter Sophia Gianna Trujillo. This charity has always been dedicated to my daughter because Sophia inspired me to start and grow this Foundation. Without seeing my daughters struggles and courage over the years this Charity would never have happened. It is because of Sophia that we have all helped so many families afflicted with this mental illness.

Thank you Sophia for helping all of these children and teachers. You should be very proud of this gift all of your life. I love you with all of my heart and I am so proud of you, my smart and beautiful daughter ❤

With love and gratitude,

Anthony D. Trujillo
Founder & Chair Emeritus
Sophia’s Foundation for Autism